Recycled Non Woven Bag Controversial?

Actually "plastic ban" after a lot of people believe that the use of non-woven bags are environmentally friendly way. After several years of explosive growth, non-woven bag environmental results are not as expected, environmental protection, but to bring more pollution, non-woven bags in recent years experts have been debating whether environmental protection.

Object to non-woven bags are bags party that currently on the market can be divided into two kinds of material of non-woven bags, one of which is of pure PP non-woven bag, the other is the film non woven bag, this material of non-woven bags is actually in the original PP non-woven cloth and covered with a layer of OPP film. Now dispute maximum of on is this covered film no spinning bag, many businesses to can put since has of products fine of advertising printed in no spinning bag, but and due to no spinning cloth itself printing ** of limitations printing can't color fine of pattern, and often only printed some simple of text so no spinning bag production manufacturers on development out has this covered film no spinning bag, covered film no spinning bag of process essentially is put pattern printed in OPP film Shang, OPP film actually is plastic bags with a material, No spinning cloth covered film after with plastic bags also hard decomposition, so experts think covered film no spinning bag pollution far over plastic of "white pollution"; even pure no spinning cloth material of no spinning bag experts said also also will pollution environment, PP material also belongs to plastic of a material, although than plastic bags OPP bags easy some, but is has premise conditions of, that is in non-at room temperature Xia like Sun Xia burst Sun or soil under, such PP to slowly of decomposition, Against non-woven bag is a bag of experts do not think non-woven bag belonging to the bags. Adhere to the non-woven bags are bags of experts who thought: non-woven bags decompose more easily than plastic bags of material that already belongs to the scope of environmental protection, also unable to break down the plastic bags in the underground for 100 years, and non-woven bag under 90 days can break down as quickly without causing soil contamination.