Non-woven Bags Made To Go Through Six Processes

First, discuss the consultation: non-woven bags made of quantities, specifications (width, height, side), fabric weight (80 g), bags, printed colors (monochrome or color), the production process requires telling documentary customer service staff, and then quote. Price included freight not included. Need invoicing customer please call instructions.

Second, the finalization of the cooperation: accept the offer, send us printed content, preferably in CDR, AI, EPS and other formats, vector artwork, typesetting well we'll send customers to confirm the effect, or customer design.

Third, cooperation with: artwork on both sides confirmed, customers need to make a down payment we can arrange 30% orders, the rest of the loan settlement or freight collect on delivery. If you have special requirements, please contact customer service.

Four, co-production: entered the production phase is no longer accepting any changes, the number of different factory and process time are not the same, generally ordinary bag shipped for 5-7 days.

Five, shipping and packaging: all non-woven bag used woven bags, 800-1200 bags. Other packaging needs with service descriptions.

Six, the factory ship: production after the notification to the customer, by customer request express or logistics, delivery time is not the same in different regions. If it is closer to customers ' special non-woven bags, our free delivery service.