Non-woven Bag Manufacturers Talking About The Non-woven Industry Prospects For Development In The Next Five Years

Main material of non-woven bags are non-woven fabric. Non-woven fabric is a non-woven cloth, which directly use polymer chips, short fibres or filaments through a variety of Web methods and consolidation formed the shape of a soft, breathable and plane structure of new fiber products.

Non-woven bag (also called non-woven, English: Nonwoven bags) is a kind of green products, tough and durable, handsome in appearance, breathable, reusable, washable, could silk-screen advertisement, logo, period for use long, suitable for any company, in any industry as advertising, gift purposes. Consumers shopping and got a fine non-woven bags, and businesses have been invisible advertising, both worlds, making non-woven fabrics in the market becoming more and more popular.