Non-woven Bag Benefits

Non-woven bag features: application of non-woven bags are now all over, on non-woven bag has those characteristics and advantages of did you know?

The previous year, since the execution of the national plastic, bags by a not well known ' the ugly duckling ' became known as the green ' Star '. But bags of green, next to many consumers are holding back. According to the survey, repeated use of bags than plastic bags to use long time. This has now been many non-woven bags of consumer recognition.

Follow us to constantly add environmental awareness, for repeated use food basket and bag is the best alternative, but due to these environmental things, inconvenient with has been the bottleneck of it cannot be widely used by consumers, and also single, manufacturing prices also advanced many features constrain their use. At the same time, low cost, easy to carry non-woven bag has become the most widely sustained as a substitute for plastic bags.