Classification Of Non Woven Bag, Laminated Non Woven Bag

1. Advertising non woven bag

   Non woven bag can advertise enterprise's or product's information to people with it's limited area.

2. Memorial laminated non woven bag

   For example, using this non woven tote bag for memorial of arts festival, or travel memorial, etc. This strategy cater to people's feeling about memorial and honor when they are shopping.

3. Simplicity non woven shopping bag

   It is appreciated that you provide a simple non woven shopping bag when someone is buying farraginous goods.

4. Knowledge-type non woven lamination bags

   It means that we can print the image or words of different knowledge on the non woven totes. Such kind of bags not only bring people convenience, but also uplift their mind and spirit.

5. Trendy laminated non woven promotional bag

   If merchants print their products' image and  advertising information on the non woven bag when there is some popular product around, it is really an important promotional without any doubt.