The advantages of reusable bags:

1, environmental protection bags and material used non-woven cloth, so green bags is sometimes also called non-woven bag, non-woven fabrics are constructed from targeted or random fibres, a new generation of environmental information, with a moisture-proof, breathable, flexible, light in weight, not combustion, simple differentiation, toxic irritant-free, color-rich, low prices, can be recycled and other characteristics. So use it as information-made bags with high environmental characteristics.

2, environmental protection bags and plastic bags, can cycle use, reduce the acquisition cost of our shopping bags, here brother would say plastic bags are given away free, imagine "national free lunch? ”。

3, bag fashion, today more and more companies describes the bags of the more stylish, lvyuan bags Ltd has many years of green bags depicting experiences, follow trends, depicted customers for many customers meet fashion bags, get customers and social recognition. Funky bags can tune your temperament, better promotion of your character. In plastic bags and reusable bags, green bags are your best choice.