Plastic bags of regime change will sometimes

From the 70 's of the last century, after four plastic bags of "regime change."

Is commonly referred to as "1.0 times" of ultra-thin plastic bags for the first generation because it's visual pollution and potentially harmful, living environment, soil and air, and the oceans and marine life, and are interpreted as white pollution in the first place.

Into the 90 's of the last century, when environmental awareness, people began to seek alternatives to ultra-thin plastic bags packaging tool, a bags, non-woven material, so that the plastic bags into the "2.0." At that time, Hong Kong introduced "plastic limit order", the overnight, the first generation of ultra-thin plastic bags were pulled from the shelves, but then found that people did not actually reduce reliance on conventional plastic.

In 2000, the Americans developed the use of biological materials for the production of plastic bags, mean that plastic bag into "3.0 era." When the cheers finally find a solution to the "white pollution" when the recipe, but because it was not entirely from biological materials, including petroleum ingredients, also there is degradation of ingredients, combined with its durable enough, people mistakenly think that "fake", was punished by the market.