Non-woven bag manufacturers offer the real reason for a dramatic rise in

One is the rising cost of raw materials, in 2016 after the Spring Festival, major non-woven factory offers soaring, the reasons are as follows:

After the February 11, fell to 12-year lows, oil prices staged a counter attack: in less than a month's time, crude-oil futures in New York rose 42%, Brent crude oil futures prices rose 33%. However, right now nobody dares to assert that oil prices have started to fight back.

Is the recent PP prices slightly higher, some raise the prices of petrochemical, but the market price momentum slowed. Enthusiasm for merchant shipping increased, but high enthusiasm of receiving reduced turnover difficult. Although optimistic, but futures sharply lower markets also appeared worried about feelings. Overall, crude continued to support the market up, so most market participants think that the market is unlikely to fall sharply after the surge.