Companies choose non-woven tote bag new tricks

1, find a powerful manufacturers including, of course, responsible, bag to customer needs with personalized design capabilities, service, after-sales service, etc;

2, and and products coordination factors, no spinning cloth environmental bags of style, fabric, color with market need increasingly rich, select also increasingly more, how select for himself products of style, color, process on is important has, as cartoon paragraph of bag cannot used to loaded mature class products, bright of color cannot used to packaging seriousness of finished, chemical class of cannot packaging food, many consider.

3, the use of the time factor, the life of a non-woven bag, design layout, process details quality will directly affect the users of advertising company and brand image views, good bags you like to use, and is a high quality mobile billboards;

4, and making cost factors, no spinning cloth environmental bags for material, printing, Turner, many reasons, quality also has high, and in the, and low-grade of points, has covered film material's, pressure lines material, radium shot covered film, hot painting printing has, silk printing has, and so on many process, so price also has high, and in the, and low of points, to wants to quality good points of, certainly price also relative high some.